Benefits for you

No team to recruit:
we are operational immediately

Quick access to the main global strategic markets:
with our networks, benefiting from the best market expertise

Maximum flexibility:
services adjusted based on a strategy defined together and that allow immediate reactivity

Multiple skills that are difficult to bring together in-house:
we are well-versed in all facets of international business and local constraints

Predictable budget adaptable to new opportunities:
Set objectives based on new challenges. You will be reactive without heavy constraints

Dynamic partnership:
our services are always linked to the results of our commitment at your side

Real proximity:
ataWay-management is close to you, in constant contact with your company to manage your development

Benefits for market

Access to new brands

Benefit of a lasting relationship with you

Benefit of permanent support

(for sizable countries up to 6 visits a year)

Special monitoring in launch phase to ensure absolute success

Be trained in the methods of organization and in the tools which made their proofs

Have tools of operational piloting and management